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Sunday, June 27, 2004
  Vingt-cinquieme ordre b) La Monflambert
Francois Couperin
Norton Recorded Anthology of Western Music, CD 5 Track 23

Mr. Couperin's friendly piece offers a lesson in orchestration. Intentionally or not, our gentle Frenchman has provided us with a model of doubling. This technique, as one can hear in this gigue, can have a profound influence on a work's narrative. To my ears, the petit reprise here arises from the charm of parallel sixths (separated by the octave).

Speaking of reprises, it is significant to me that the doubling does not start until after the conclusion of the first section. Hearing the initial material in a new key is Mr. Couperin's signal that we will be moving into new territory and that brave new world is one in which we listen to parallel sixths. Monflabert must have cherished this sound. It is placed in the narration like the gem of a ring.

What I like about this gigue is that the left hand gets a chance to carry the tune. Not all of us sing in treble clef. 
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