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Thursday, August 05, 2004
  Mass in B Minor, BWV 232, Credo: Symbolum Nicenum, a) Et in Spiritum sanctum Dominum
Johann Sebastian Bach
Norton Recorded Anthology of Western Music, CD 6 Tracks 13-14

Bach's ambition must have been a peculiar thing. As I understand, he was not striving for fame, wealth, or legacy. He was interested in cultivating the good potential that he saw in himself. I would not use the word "ambition" to describe this interest were it not for the unwieldy and massive accomplishment that is the Mass in B Minor. This is the work of a composer who imagined large scale events that were, well, ambitious. And though this is one of my favorite pieces, I would say that some parts are better than others.

In spite of the care that Mr. Bach apparently took in instructing the oboes of love to allow the basso to have the spotlight, they steal the show. The 'cellist also keeps pace nicely. The singer simply does not sound as good as the other three participants on this track. It may be that instrumental sophistication is still relatively new at this point in the anthology and the novelty wins. It may also be that the instrumental parts were written with more care. There are times when the singer is struggling with passages that are not flattering to the voice.

What I like about this basso workout are the notes longer than a beat. Because most of the beats are divided by triplets, the suspended notes acquire a rhythm and elegance they would not have in a less consistent piece.

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